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Leak Repair

Leak repairs are one of the most common fixes to a roof. When it comes to roof leaks, we find the source of the leak by following the trail of the water marks. Once we are sure that the main source has been found we will plan out the best repair to solve the problem so a leak doesn't happen in this location once again.


Tile and Shingle Repair 

Whether its a damaged shingle or a broken tile, this isn't a good thing to have on your roof. This can leak to leaks happening and causing more problems in the future. When it comes to these kinds of repairs, we will color match and size match the exact kind to match the existing roof. 


Wood Repair

When it comes to wood replacement, we bring down the wood and copy the exact measurements and as well copy the color of the wood in order to match the existing color. We replace damaged wood, dry rot and well as termite. 


Roof Tune Up

We offer a roof tune ups as well for your roofs to prevent any future leaks or more damages to happen in the future. We walk around the entire roof looking for possible places where water may enter and fix it before it becomes a problem.



2300 S Lewis St 

Anaheim CA, 92802
p: (949)750-5677

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